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ActioNetHosting™ Solutions

ActioNetHosting™ - ActionNetHosting™ is our approach to assisting our customers in determining the right hosting approach for their specific portfolio of technology, servers and applications. Whether looking to enhance an existing data center, build a new facility, or migrate to the cloud, we provide the right expertise and assistance to address your needs:

Assisting Our Customers – making sure they ask the right questions –

  1. “Should I expand my current data center, or look to procure services elsewhere?”

  2. “What are my cloud goals, strategies, and IT plans to support them?”

  3. “Where are the best cloud candidates for IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, etc.?”

  4. “Given these candidates, how much of my business is running or planned to run on the cloud?”

  5. “Where is the greatest information security risk to my Department of a cloud transformation?”

  6. “"How do my current cloud plans reduce cost over time?"

We provide the answers and support you throughout the process -
  • Founded in our (ISO) 9001:2008 quality management process, our "as a service" assessment approach to review, validate and refine customer needs for moving from a Conceptual to an Operational model

  • Multi-disciplined approach based on lessons learned and Government and commercial best practices

  • Deep library of existing and proven Government policies across all IT engineering disciplines and how to apply these in:
    • Cloud
    • Data Center
    • Hosting Services
    • Server Virtualization
    • Virtualized application hosting
    • Low cost cloud-based disaster recovery support

Our approach Matches IT strategy to IT technology roadmaps, allowing a smooth transition to new service delivery models, allowing investment in mission support – not replacing infrastructure.

Read our Case Studies and Contact us today to discuss how ActioNet can provide your organization this support.
  • Assessment of current infrastructure portfolio
  • Private & Public Cloud (FISMA ready)
  • FISMA Certified Data Centers
  • Migration Strategies & Services
  • Startup, Provisioning & Administration services
  • FedRamp support