ActioNetMobility™ Solutions

Our holistic approach goes beyond mobile device or mobile data management. We provide an end to end mobility management infrastructure that encompasses both on and off premises IT security needs, from the network edge to whatever device the end user chooses.

The critical principles that form the foundation for a successful mobile device strategy also promote the confidentiality, integrity and access to data from traditional computing platforms:

  • Trust of the device accessing Federal resources (correct patch level, known device, managed asset)
  • Trust of the individual using the device (identity management)
  • Trust of the network access path by the device and user (VPN, public internet policies, etc.)


  • ActioNetmobility™ offers comprehensive cloud based mobility management, including Mobile Application Management
  • Understanding the drivers and risks around various scenarios for mobility management, including any potential usage scenario (GFE, BYOD, Laptops, Tablets)
  • Proven assessment documents that allow us to standardize an approach for reviewing and validating a customer’s needs
  • Working relationships in different accounts with multiple cloud device management vendors, including FISMA Certified cloud providers.


  • Cloud services
  • Very Competitive Pricing Model
  • No cost proofs of concept available
  • Full device support
  • Standardized SLA’s based on customer needs

Full service and support available – including device provisioning, mobile/cell phone contract management, application management, encryption, etc.

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  • Mobile Device Management
  • Mobile Application Management
  • Readiness Reviews
  • Migration Strategies & Services
  • Provisioning & Administration
  • Integration & Interface Services
  • Mobile Application Development