ActioNet provided Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) consulting services for the Department of Transportation (DOT) Information Technology Shared Services (ITSS) to successfully complete their desktop hardware asset management strategy and support services. ActioNet ITSM consultants addressed critical asset vulnerabilities focusing exclusively on asset management continuous service improvements including:

  1. Developed strategies and roadmap for asset tools integration and process improvement;
  2. Provided authoritative data repository of all assets;
  3. Built out Remedy asset solution linking assets to personas, people, and locations;
  4. Defined asset profiles for modal business personas and integrated with Remedy;
  5. Developed processes and quality assurance to enforce compliance ensuring assets are properly tracked across multiple teams, locations, and on/off-boarding of agency personnel.

The Project

Critical vulnerabilities were identified with the legacy IT asset management process including data integrity and quality challenges impacting identifying, categorizing, tracking, and reporting on IT assets.  The lack of authoritative data impacted the ability to provide accurate charge-back, chain of custody, and timely refresh of new models.  Critical gaps required strong leadership and sound strategies to ensure necessary process and data quality improvements were implemented using Information Technology Information Library (ITIL) and Information Technology Asset Management (ITAM) best practices.

The Solution

We inspected process gaps, viewed equipment, storage facilities, data sources, and daily routines to provide an assessment of asset systems and processes. This resulted in a detailed assessment and careful design of improved processes and technologies based on ITIL/ITAMs industry best practices tailored to meet client needs.  We upgraded the existing Remedy system to the latest Remedy 9.1 architecture enabling up-to-date functionality, system infrastructure, vendor platform support, and introduced Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) integration adapter.  Hundreds of new desktop, laptop, tablet, monitor and wireless equipment received underwent bulk import using pre-configured data load templates standardizing new equipment inventory data into a centralized Configuration Management Database (CMDB).  Integrated SCCM with Remedy 9 enabled daily scans of desktops, laptops, and tablets residing on the production network and reconciled and merged daily into the CMDB.

The Result

Using integrated tools, reports, and ITAMs lifecycle standard operating procedures; thousands of computer system asset CI records were assessed, scrubbed, and standardized. Integrated reports were generated showing CI attributes, location, designated user, lifecycle status and dates, last logged-in user, and associated user profile information.  ActioNet’s continuous client collaboration, detailed assessment, careful design, and creative innovation and best practices achieved and exceeded client expectations for immediately improving hardware asset inventory chain of custody, cost control, and data accuracy.  Online training addressed details of lifecycle processes, inputs/outputs, Remedy data entry, and streamlined phases and statuses.  Monthly audits were developed for long term quality assurance and control.

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