May 5, 2023

AFCEA TechNet Cyber 2023 Booth

By Laura M.

DecisiveInstincts exhibited at the TechNet Cyber 2023 at the Baltimore Convention Center. This year’s theme is Aloha IT. We proudly displayed beautiful Hawaiian flair to promote our Joint Venture with Native Hawaiian Organization (NHO)-Owned, Akamai Intelligence. In the picture, Kenny H, US Navy Capt. (Ret) Mel Y, Ashley C, and Laura M.

AFCEA’s TechNet Cyber is a governmentwide effort to bring together the policy, strategic architecture, operations and C2— along with the joint capabilities—needed to meet the global security challenges and successfully operate in a digital environment.

For more information, please see 2023 AFCEA TechNet Cyber.

2023 TechNet Cyber Conference Animated Event Flyer